Can I get a tax receipt with my donation?

Absolutely. If you donate money online through you will be emailed a tax receipt immediately. If you donate money in person or at a socks drive, we will email you a tax receipt within 24 hours.

Who distributes the socks?

Acceuil Bonneau is our partner and manages all inventory and distributes all socks to the homeless population.

How can I get involved or volunteer?

You can get involved in many parts of Toe2Toe’s program by contacting us at here or by calling 514-984-9635.

Do you only collect money or can we donate socks?

We collect money which we use to purchase socks in bulk AND we accept new sock donations directly.

Do you accept used socks?

No, we only accept new socks for distribution.

What kind of socks should I donate?

We accept any and all new sock donations. During the winter we recommend donating thicker warm socks. uring the spring and summer, we recommend donating white socks.

I have a lot of new socks to donate, can someone pick them up?

Absolutely. Contact us here or at 514-984-9635 and we will pick up new socks wherever you need us to.

Can i organize a sock drive with my company or my school?

Absolutely and we recommend you do!!!! Please contact us at 514-984-9635 and we can help you organize the drive.

How can we get in touch with Toe2Toe?

Contact us any time here or call us at 514-984-9635.